Kingdom Lifeline Ministries is a 12 month, 24 hour program.  There is a process throughout this year that consists of three stages of development.  As each man develops and matures, he passes between the stages.

Ministry Home

Kingdom Lifeline Ministry Home

  1. The first step consists of initial training, mentoring, and discipleship. This takes place at our facility in Chicago, Illinois and will last for approximately the first six months.
  2. After completing the first stage, a man will shift to a transitional living stage.  During this three month period, we will focus on residential training.
  3. The final stage of development revolves around the fulfilment of a three month discipleship commitment within the ministry.

Once a man has completed all three steps, we believe he will be in a position to live out a transformed life. However we do not believe he needs to do this alone.  Through various channels, we offer continued encouragement and support to graduates of our ministry.